Japandi Interior Design 101: How To Incorporate it sustainably Into Your Home!

Japandi Interior Design 101: How To Incorporate it sustainably Into Your Home!


Japandi home design is the design trend of 2021/2022. It incorporates elements of Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian Hygge design philosophy. It is easily incorporated sustainably and consciously.

Incorporating Japandi means using natural materials like clay, bamboo, and hemp to create beautiful, functional items in your home. You can add a pop of colour with a plant or something like an area rug to complete the look.


What is Japandi Decor?

Before we begin, one cannot find Japandi furniture or a Japandi coffee table. Japandi is a broad term for an interior design style rather than a descriptive term.

Japandi style is a design style that combines Japanese Wabi-Sabi with Scandinavian Hygge (both are interior design styles). The word itself was coined by Danish designer Stine Aas, who wanted an easy way to describe Japan's clean lines and minimalist aesthetic that meets the comfort and coziness of Sweden/Finland/Denmark (Scandinavia).


Japandi combines the warm, breezy feel of Scandinavian design with the Zen-like simplicity of wabi-sabi, a Japanese design philosophy that emphasizes natural imperfection and simplicity. Like hygge, Japandi is focused on creating an environment that feels cozy and welcoming—but where hygge is all about soft materials like wool and sheepskin, Japandi uses simple textures and neutral colours to create an airy space that feels uncluttered but not unwelcoming.

Japandi Design Style Characteristics:

1. Minimalism with clean lines for simple yet elegant and zen.

2. Appreciation for high-end craftsmanship in homewares. Our curated collection fits perfectly in this description. 

3. Embracing Nature with the addition of plants and Scandinavian wooden furniture.

Five Ways to Incorporate Japandi sustainably


1. Choose neutral colours for walls and floors, so there's no distraction from other elements like furniture or artwork. 

2. Natural Scandinavian Wood articles and furniture: Add some Scandanavian flare. Look no further than a light wood table that features clean lines and minimal decoration.

3. Clean lines for simplicity; simple yet elegant.

4. Pops of colour. Cool Blue is associated with calmness and zen space.

4. Cozy textures like rugs or pure linen blankets and throws.

5. Plants that bring life into your space. Consider adding them to your Japandi inspired Home Office space. 

Is Japandi Sustainable?

Home By Keira is committed to motivating people to think consciously about their home design. We believe this design style incorporates all ingredients for a sustainable living.

Sustainable design could make our lives more comfortable by saving energy and providing a happier atmosphere in our homes. With the growing interest in conscious living, Japandi home design will become increasingly popular. This interior design style takes on a very timeless decor. We love advocating for timelessness. Here is why.

Using sustainable materials – or upcycling your older decor articles can create a beautiful home. With these simple applications, you will be able to create a house with a Japandi design that is both sustainable and beautiful. Japandi is one timeless decor that will last forever. 

Our Verdict


By combining clean lines and natural elements into your home, you can create a space with a beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic. You could also blend the two styles entirely by picking out classic Scandinavian furniture but only dusting them off with a small amount of Japanese influence, such as adding calming and traditional Japanese prints to the walls.

Either way, everything you bring into your home should have a purpose. Adding too much to a space can be overwhelming, so make sure that everything you add works together and is used every day. 

We hope this blog article serves as your Japandi interior design book. Would you like some styling advice on how to create a Japandi space? Drop us a line or join our Facebook group to ask peers. 

How are you making your decor sustainable and long-lasting? Tell us in the comments or just contact us.


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