About us

Who are we?

Home By Keira is a Melbourne based premium design brand with an in-house design team to bring you some of the most luxurious essentials for your home.
Hand-picked by our team, we bring you the best of material experimentation and our design philosophy.

Our belief in timeless design while abandoning trends brought our dream home to life in 2015. This design philosophy still stands the test of time and robust trends.
Now it is your turn for comfort and luxury. Keira's signature products will tailor your living space to clean, contemporary and classy heaven.

About Me

Hello and Welcome, my name is Sandy, and I am the founder/Creative Head of HBK. The ideas behind Home By Keira have always been inspired by my upbringing.

Born and brought up in the middle eastern nation Qatar, I was the product of a family who cared more about quality than trends of the moment.As a self-taught designer, I am still inspired today by pieces that will stand out tomorrow.

The designs we curate at Home By Keira are all timeless, as they were born to be carried forward and loved by generations.

How did we start?

I realised that millennials and Gen Z are vulnerable to robust trends in my early years. Fuelled by social media and big home store giants, we have filled our landfills with more trash. 

Further, most factories making bulk products have underpaid workers kept in terrible working conditions. 

Frustrated with a lack of accountability and awareness on this issue, I committed to providing a platform to educate and source sustainable home decor products.

What's our Mission?


1. Create Awareness of this unspoken issue of Fast Homewares.

2. Inspire people to make conscious choices for decorating their homes.

3. Provide them with a conscious platform to source their sustainable home decor objects. Worry-free, of course!

4. Motivate people to invest in timeless pieces that hold a sacred value for years. 

Behind the Scenes

Alongside Sandy, we have a small team of experts to ensure conscious procurement and shipment. Whilst operations are managed together, we interchange roles frequently. 

 Talk to us!

Want to know more about the people and our values?

Drop us a line at help@homebykeira.com.au

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