Seven ways to styling your home office. Like a home stylist !

Seven ways to styling your home office. Like a home stylist !

It's time to style your home office like a home stylist. A well laid out office decor will inspire productivity. The article below is a guide with visual inspiration for you to set out your next modern home office decor for him/her or just yourself. 

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Want to style your home offices like an office decorator or an office interior designer? If you're like most people, you work from home—and if you're like most people who work from home, you probably spend most of your waking hours in that office space. And since it's such an essential part of your life, it makes sense that you'd want to make sure it looks as good as possible!

But how do you do that? There are many different aspects of the home-office experience that can be improved with some careful thought and planning: from the size of your desk or table to the lighting in the room; from the colour scheme on the walls to where everything is placed on those walls; from how much space is available for storage (or lack thereof) to how much natural light comes through those windows.

1. Choose your spot with lots of bright direct or indirect sunlight.

Natural light helps keep us awake and alert during the day—and helps us stay productive too! So don't forget about windows when designing your workspace!

2. The walls

Home office wall decor is critical in boosting productivity and personalising your interior design. The interior design of an office starts with a colour scheme. Start with choosing wall colours in a soft palette like earthy dessert shades or concrete greys. Grab some ideas for feature wall and see what works great with the space and your personality.

3. Home office desk - Functionality vs Aesthetics

Choosing a suitable desk that ticks the boxes is essential. Aesthetically, a convenient office desk should look good and be well sized. However, it should also be functional at the same time. If you need a lot of storage, consider getting a desk with drawers to keep your desk clutter-free.

4. Light it up - Desk lamps are the way to go.

You may not use it, but if you need to dial up the designer look of your home office, a lamp is a must. Desk Lamps provide focussed light too, which is very functional. Don't be afraid to try a floor lamp or any other table lamp. Be creative and make it warm. 

5. Green your space - Fake plants will do too.

Did you know pops of green help with productivity and creativity? Multiple researchers have voted for commercial green spaces over lean designs. It is easier to incorporate greenery at home. Just pop some trailing or dwarf plant/s or even a tall plant in the corner to green up your space. 

6. Cozy it up


Consider cozying it up with a 'breakout space'. Somewhere, you can catch some time away from the screen. For example, placing a couch to relax on or an accent chair like Eames chair. Or even consider adding a daybed. 

7. Add Homewares

Give the final touch by adding some curated decor pieces. Some sculptures, decor books, or vases will help add personal touches to finish the decor. 

Consider adding some storage elements like a pedestal bowl or storage box to conceal stationary and manage cables.This will also help with concealing cables if your not desk is not equipped with cable management. 


By following these seven easy steps you could create your dream Pinterest worthy office space. You could also consider creating a minimalist office space by following just four steps to minimalism. Or just go masculine or feminine way too.

Btw, have you heard of Maximalism ? It is the opposite of Minimalism. Check out our blog on Minimalism vs Maximalism. That might give you some more decor inspiration for your office. 

Did we miss out on anything ? Tell us in the comments or contact us.

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