Three steps to style shelves with accessories.

Three steps to style shelves with accessories.

We love a good shelf styling.

Shelves can tie up your interiors together and create a great way to display your personality. Your most treasured ornaments and accessories can call shelves their home.

Moreover, they are fun to do as you can change them as you please. We love a good modern and fun shelf like ours.

Below is a three step system to decorating your shelves like an interior designer.

1. Rule of three (or odd numbers)

Stick to limiting the footprint to threes or fives or seven. An odd number is the magic number for interior design and they make things visually appealing.

2. Correct Placement

You could use a crowded placement or distancing objects in proportional ways to create a visual distortion.

We love a minimal shelf and we use equal spacing between objects. However, you could do a crowded shelf with appropriate placement.

3. Accessories 

Books, photo frames and most importantly fun objects to show off your personality and elevate your aesthetics.

Use books to add the chic factor and use some sculptures to show off your personality. Metal accents can add the luxe factor.

Curated homewares are important to elevate the look of your shelves, so invest in premium homewares.

Final Thoughts

We hope the three simplified system of decorating your shelves will help elevate the look of your home. If you have a feedback or would like to leave a comment, please feel free to write down below.

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