Boucle' Fabric Close up. Curly or Nubby fibres make this textile very soft and eye pleasing

Should you splurge on that Bouclé Bed and Chair ?

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Should you splurge on that Bouclé Bed and Chair ?


Bouclé is one of the biggest design trends in 2022 for upholstery, perfect for those who want to make a statement without commitment. Yet.

The textural, woven fabric was a staple in the 2017s fashion world and has now made its way into the home decor so all can enjoy it. This year's most exclusive hues include white and cream, but other neutral shades also add depth to any space.

How to Pronounce Bouclé ?

I must admit I didn't know how to pronounce this word till 2021. I pronounced it as 'Bou-slay'. Which is wrong.

Sources say the pronunciation is as follows.




What is Bouclé?

Let's deep dive into the two origin stories.

As per Latch, the name is French and translates to 'loop', precisely how bouclé is made; on a loom, weaving multiple strands of yarn together in a looping, textured effect.

Bouclé was developed by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in the early 19th century and has since been used to create many fashion styles, including tweed fabrics, Chanel jackets, rugs and even Dorothy's ruby red slippers – all weaved with the same 'checkerboard effect' that we love about bouclé today.

As per Architectural digest, Florence Knoll, in the 1940s, requested that Eero Saarinen design a chair that she could "really curl up in". Unanticipated, Saarinen interpreted her description down to the upholstery fibre. On the request of Florence Knoll, a Womb Chair debuted in 1948 in Eero Saarinen's Classic Bouclé, a nubby textile made from a yarn of, fittingly, curled fibres. That's how Boucle' debuted as an upholstery fabric. 

This decorative weave offered an interesting texture that complemented home furnishings, while opulent in terms of interior design.  

Fast Forward to 2021, this fabric has come back with every retailer now stocking on beheads, ottomans, benches, sofas and armchairs made from all kinds of Boucle'.

Why Boucle?

Bouclé is the material that all things luxe and modern are made of.

It's bold yet soft, textured aesthetic looks perfect for pairing with curved furniture.

Bouclé is often long-wearing, durable and effortlessly stylish. 

It is also a complex and texture heavy fabric which makes it a perfect choice for interior designers. A small ottoman can add a polished and luxury finish to your bedroom or living room decor.

Besides all, the fabric is also very breathable allowing for a perfect mat

Need some more inspiration? 

Timeless or Trend, Is it here to stay ?

Like all fading trends, we believe she may live past her prime time. It's timeless and lasts for ages. 

This fabric grew on me very quickly, and even if the trend fades away, I will always cherish my Boucle pieces.

How to preserve it's style for years to come ?

Easy. Textures, Patterns and Bouclé complement each other like that perfect interior couple. It also makes your decor timeless and trend-proof. 

Luxe it up by synching it with some contemporary velvet side pieces like a velvet accent chair or ottoman. 

The below picture shows one way to style Boucle'. 

Choose colours that will stand the test of time, like earthy palettes, forest greens, or black-white.

Be assured this fabric will tune-up your interiors into a modern and designer space. 

Before we let you go.

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