The Rule Of Three - What I Learned From 60 Coffee Tables

The Rule Of Three - What I Learned From 60 Coffee Tables

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Coffee table styling guide using the rule of three

This design rule applies to interior design, which is the art of applying the law to styling things up properly. In this article, I will give you tips on using the rule of three while arranging your coffee table or any other furniture. Basically speaking, the technique refers to subjecting three different objects, elements, or figures repeated in threes.

In interior design, the rule of three is a layout rule that states that items in groups of three are visually more pleasing than items in two or one. Three things are seen as more stable and balanced than a single item or pair. It can be applied to any kind of product display. 

The rule can be expanded into 5 or 7 too. 

What is the rule of three in design?

To use the rule of three—but not how you would think! When we say the rule of three, we mean three footprints. You can use various items to achieve this, but your items have just three spots on the table. No more!

For example, if you have a small tray with books stacked on top and then a pillar candle, your objects are marking one print. If you keep them side by side, your things are making three prints.

Again, we know what you're thinking—you don't want to be limited to just three things! We get it. You should think about this more as a guide than an actual rule. 

The How-to: 

Step 1: Bold decor piece.

Add a beautiful decor piece such as a sculpture or feature pedestal bowl or tray. A unique piece will allow you to show off your design personality. You can choose a selection from our online store too.

Step 2 Cozy it up.

Add books, magazines and maybe even a candle stacked on top. Remember, it is the footprint and not the number of items we limit. 

A great way to add another cozy element is with the addition of a succulent in a small pot or some piece of art that fits with the rest of your decor! 

Step 3 Add height

Use a vase with florals/branches or maybe candlesticks or pillar candles. Height adds dimension to the setup, thus bringing life to your living area.

Step 4 Lay them out

Choose to lay them on just one side of the table or the centre. You could also divide your table into imaginary quadrants and leave a quadrant blank while filling up the three quadrants with items in steps 1-3.

Use this Coffee Table Styling rule Often !

Try arranging your shelves and other areas using this rule. You will notice the designer look it achieves.

Try arranging your shelves and other areas using this rule. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create a designer-looking space by restricting it to just threes. If you love 5 or 7, you could attempt to style with the rule of five and seven; just remember odd numbers are king in interior design. 

Before we let you go....

I hope this gave you the much-needed inspiration and empowered your interior design skills. We love genuine feedback. We can't wait for you to tell us what you think. Comment below. Or, just reach out.

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Cheers, Sandy (Creative Lead)


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