Fat Furniture/Homewares which is chunky

Fat Furniture/Homewares which is chunky

Chubby, fluffy, plus-size, curvy, voluminous — whatever you want to call it, the full-figured aesthetic has been gathering momentum for some time. 

Full figured design is the new black. Not content with sharp straight-lined furniture or mind-bending tech, designers are opting for curves and catchy concave curves. Below is a quick 2 minute visual guide on how to incorporate chunky furniture and some recommendations. 

Fat Coffee Tables

1. Morro Coffee Table

Also, featured in our Travertine Blog Article, we love this table for it's awe-inspiring design. This table can set you back by $17,000 however, Australian retailers stock replicas. 


Fat Chairs

Roly Poly Chairs by Faye Toogood

This chair is chunky, fat and feels like a sci-fi movie prop. It is futuristic and beautiful and a replica can sell for $300-$400 in the Australian Marketplace. 

Togo Lounge chair 

This chair is making the rounds in the most aesthetic tiktok and instagram reels. It's eye catching and so so comfy. We believe it will add beautiful curves to your existing lounge or even create a spot to take a nap.

Fat things

Don't have place for furniture ? Just throw in a oversized chunky object that will be the focal point of any room. More the merrier. 

Home by Keira's Extra Large Fruit Bowl


This aesthetically and artisan bowl is a head turner. We won't lie but people have walked into our homes and noticed this bowl with curiosity. It's giant for a fruit bowl and beautiful at the same time. 

Make it yours today.


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