Designer Chair - Save $$$ with Replicas

Designer Chair - Save $$$ with Replicas

Thinking about adding that designer Accent chair to your living room but don't have the budget or inspiration. Did you know Australian retailers stock replicas of some of the most sought sfter designer chairs; and it is totally legal ? 

As per Domain,that's because  any design not registered in Australia can be replicated and sold in masses by retailers. 

However, as per Legal Vision, most of these icons were made in the 1960s thereby they lose their protection within 10 years or the copyright laws in Australia don't offer them enough protection.

So, don't feel guilty about snatching up a replica of some of these iconic chairs. 

We have compiled a list of six notable designer chairs for your inspiration dose. Should you decide to settle on a choice, don't forget there is a designer chair replica available out there.

1. Eames Herman Miller Chair 

Introduced to the world in 1956, this Eames chair is a timeless and classic addition to your interiors.

This set of chair and leg rest has been the subject of magazines. This set was also featured in Hollywood movies like Tony Stark's mansion in Iron Man, Click (2006), Sunday in New York (1963), The Ghost Writer (2010), Frasier, and Gossip Girl (where it was recovered in a gorgeous Missoni fabric), Hope Springs (2012) etc.

This set is originally sold by Herman Miller, but Eames Chair replicas are easily available.

2. Hans J Wegner Elbow Chair

Designed in 1956, and now put into production in 2005, this stackable dining chair can be used as a feature lightweight addition to your space. This chair brings a subtle organic formal minimalistic softness and showcases beautiful wood grain. Hans Wegner as a designer was a master of chairs with more than 400 chairs to his name.

This chair is perfect for a Minimal or Japandi or Scandi home.

3. Faye Toogood Roly Poly chair

Created by Faye Toogood's London based design studio also called Toogood, this chair is cute, and contemporary and will add that much-needed character to your space. This chair originally is made from Fibreglass and handmade by skilled artisans. Toogood describes this chair as a dish mounted on four chunky legs.

We love it for its fun aesthetics. This chair is available in multiple colours ranging from red to black making it versatile for any home.

4. Tom Dixon Fat chair - Dining

 Designed by a Restless Innovator Tom Dixon, this chair is meant to hug the body and allow for various seated positions.

Although the lounge chair is stunning, we are listing the dining chair in our article as its replica is easily available in the Australian Market. 

Use this lounge chair as an accent chair for a skinny look or as a focal point. Or, simply as a dining chair or even a Home office chair.

5. Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair

 Harry Bertoia used his knowledge of metalwork to create the Diamond Chair for the furniture company owned by Florence Knoll, his former classmate. Bertoia studied design for the human form in a navy engineering lab (1947-1950) which led to his studies in creating a lightweight wire chair whose seat would conform to the seated figure. Bertoia’s bent wire-mesh grid was “concerned primarily with space, form and the characteristics of metal”. He achieved an organic cellular format with this chair design.

This chair is for a futuristic home as it combines elements of modern and eclectic

6. Togo Lounge by Michel Ducaroy

 Ergonomically designed for lazy afternoons this accent chair invites you to cozy up.

Somehow its quilted layers, make this lounge seat very appealing and distinct.
Use this as a standalone in a corner or along with your couch. Sure to make a statement with your lazy friends and family.

Final thoughts

We could do part 2 of this article as there are plenty of options in the Australian Market. Comment down below if you think we have the best list here and if we should do a part 2.

Did we miss out on anything or do you have feedback? Tell us in the comments or contact us.

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