Replica Furniture Icons

Replica Furniture Icons

Whether you're starting a new project or just want to freshen up your space, our recommendation blog is an easy way to source inspiration. After the success of our Replica chair Blog, we decided to write another replica furniture inspiration guide article. 

Did you know why Replicas are legal in Australia ? As per Domain in Australia furniture designs not registered here, can be sold in masses,  However, as per Legal Vision, most of these icons were made in the 1960s and their copyright laws are no longer valid after a 10 year period. Hence, replicas can be sold. 

We have listed three items that can add a touch of luxe in your space.

1. Tulip table and chairs

This Tulip design for table and chairs is based on the original design by Eero Saarinen in 1956. The base of tulip furniture is slender and elegant like a tulip and made from cast aluminium usually or even marble. The round version of the table is perfect for 4-6 people.

This table breaks the convention of square surfaces and softens your interiors.

2. Butterfly Chair

Originally created by a trio of Argentinean designers and later mass produced in the United States by Knoll in 1950s. This chair gained a-lot of popularity due to its ease and comfort amongst the people. Replicas with cheap canvas instead of original leather have become widely available.

Even, Kmart furniture section had a replica years ago and was a hot instagram item. 

Needless to say, it's a timeless addition.

3. Louis Ghost Chair

A chair inspired by the Louis XV chair, Philippe Starck reimagined the chair but in a bold format. An example of very bold injection polycarbonate moulding process for it's time, this chair became popular for it's effortless and eye catching physique. 

Target Australia once sold it's replica. Still sold by many retailers online, this chair is still a timeless addition to your space. 

Final Thoughts

Comment down below if you think we have the best listed here and if we should do a part 3.

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