Decorating with Indoor Plants - Ten Designer Tips.

Decorating with Indoor Plants - Ten Designer Tips.

Indoor Plants Decoration Simplified in this article.

It gives you 10 clever ways to decor, indoor plants style ! Decorating with plants helps you to green your space boosting good vibes, clean air and invites positive energy. It is essential to incorporate plant interior design in your home so for a home decor that embraces natures indoors.

Let's walk you through our best ten tricks to plant styling. 

1. Add some colour with Pink princess.

Yes, Plants are meant to bring green vibes. But, did you know they come in beautiful hues, like the pink princess shown above. Or even, calatheas which bring so many gorgeous colours with them. 

The Pink Princess can be hard to find and are expensive, but you could opt for other plants with colours like Ruby Rubber Plant (beautiful foliage) or lime green Philodendron Brazil. They are easier to find and don't break the bank. 

2. Liven up Low Light areas with Bamboo Plants


Bamboo plants are perfect for low light areas and also considered lucky. They are also low in maintenance. Or, mother-in-laws tongue or Snake plants are perfect for low light areas too. Easy to find and are an interior designer's best find. 

3. Consider Textures-  Philodendron Micans.

Break up your space with unique plant textures like velvetty philodendron Micans or monstera dubias. Both are low care plants with low water requirements.

4. Let them climb create the drama

Highlight corners with climbing plants. Consider attaching them to the wall using command hooks or just let them climb up a pole. 

5. Trailing Plants - Chain of Turtles

Use trailing plants like chain of turtles or Rhipsalis to highlight shleves or even hang them from the roof using hanging baskets can add so much beauty.

6. Fruit Trees that don't fruit.

Fruit trees that don't fruit make perfect indoor plants If you're looking for an easy-to-grow houseplant, why not consider a fruit tree? Fruit trees can be grown indoors and will thrive in most climates. They are also ideal for growing in containers. Fruit trees that don't bear fruit can be pruned into ornamental shapes, or left to grow as they will. The tree's leaves and flowers also make beautiful decorations for your home or office at this time of year.

Our picks, the famous Monstera Deliciosa, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Olive tree or even an orange tree.

7. Get Creative with placement.

Consider throwing some plants on a indoor ladder or even a bar cart. Strategically place them to bring nature indoors and also add pops of natural colours.

8. Glass Terrariums or Small Houseplants

A glass terrarium is a miniature ecosystem that's enclosed in glass or plastic. It usually has a lid to keep air circulating inside the enclosure, but there is no drainage hole in the bottom of the container.These glass containers are available in many different shapes including spheres, cones and pyramids that can add a special dimension to your indoors.

Consider adding terrariums or small houseplants on a coffee table or just on shelves with your modern decor. They sure will elevate your interior design.

9. Cactuses and succulents

This plant family requires abundant light indoors and look great in well lit areas. Consider adding cactus with varying heights alongside dwarf succulents.

Like string of pearls shown in the second picture, they make great attractive plants.

10. Artificial or Faux Plants is Ok.

If you don't have a green thumb, regret not. Even an artificial plant or tree can elevate your space. Best part, they are zero maintenance. So don't shy away.

Final Thoughts

Plants can bring so much to your environment, it really depends on how you want to use them. A good place to start is by working on a small project of just a couple of plants or a pot and allowing yourself to figure out what will work for you in the long run. Remember less is more and always start small! If you have the space, I'd highly recommend using each of these steps. Or, just select few which ever is your preference. Now, you are ready to be a plant decorator on your own terms.

Did you know about the rule of three ? Our Coffee Table Styling article can help you with using plants for your coffee table decor by following this rule. Or maybe your home office needs some greenery. Check our home office decor tips.

Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below. Or, by even dropping us a line on

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