Kelly Wearstler's Morro Table made from Travertine

Change Your Furniture with Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone that's been used for centuries. It was often used in Roman times to make pools and spas. It's also a primary component of the terraces at Yellowstone National Park as well as many other world famous landmarks.

Most people are familiar with travertine only because they've seen it in floor tiles and countertops, but it can be used in so many more ways!
The stone has a distinct look that makes it easy to use in just about any room and it is quite durable. Its unique texture adds visual interest to home decor pieces.

Have you seen the travertine coffee and side table craze all over social media. If no, this recent interior design trend is perfect for a diy(do it yourself) project. Inspired by Geneva Vanderzeil, many have attempted this version to bring in a avant grande look to their homes. A few folks have also tried to sell a diy Travertine coffee table on Facebook Marketplace. Sneaky !

This article gives you the inspiration to incorporate travertine into your home. It includes some major Australian designer brands. Most of these designs can serve as an inspiration for you to find a dupe or custom create one.

1. Travertine Coffee Table 


This ‘Morro’ coffee table by Kelly Wearstler is a beautiful chubby piece addition for a statement piece in your living room. This original piece may be around $17,000 and depends on the material.

Some online retailers now sell the dupe of this most sought after piece for it's iconic edgy fat design. So try looking for a dupe online which maybe around $1500.

2. Travertine Side Table

 This Fluted table also made by an Australian brand Chelon ( by a former interior magazine stylist Fiona Gould), can set you back by $850.00. But, a timeless and statement piece for a high-end living. 

This table by Aimee Allsop (Australian Designer based in New York) is a stunner and screams minimalism, but starts at $3200.

Try finding a dupe or custom made solution which may be cheaper and easier to find. Look for a stone factory where they can custom cut travertine. 

3. Travertine Dining Table 

Made by an Australian brand, this table is elegant and grandoise. Paired with beige chairs and venetian plastered walls, this table makes an excellent piece to add that designer touch. This can be anywhere between $3200-$5000 and comes in shapes like waves or oval.

This Rebecca Goddard piece is stunningly petite and elegant. We love that it can be paired with black chairs(very scandinavian) to create a feature setup. This piece can be hard to find in Australian but a dupe or custom creation is not too hard.

4. Final Note- Incorporating Travertine in your home 

From the practical to the purely aesthetic, travertine accessories can make a big impression on any home or office. They're easy to use, letting you easily dress up a table, bookcase, or shelf. And they come in a staggering number of styles and types, with each of them having their own unique features and benefits.

If you have a comment on this blog article, let us know or just contact us. Do you need some designer furniture inspiration to go with your travertine obsession? Just head over to our Replica chairs article for your inspiration.

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