Table Lamps - Ultimate Shopping Guide

Table Lamps - Ultimate Shopping Guide

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Lighting has always been a crucial interior design feature. They add focal points, layers of light and most importantly are functional sources of additional light. They are also beautiful artefacts and can change the appearance of rooms. 

Below is our Australian Table Lamps shopping guide that are easily accessible and stocked by well known retailers. 

1. Table Lamp Ikea Pick


During our Ikea Weekend Trip, this lamp made it on our wishlist and also an inspiration for this blog. Retailing only at $65, this lamp with arch shaped stem and soft lighting will be a conversation starter. It has a chrome base with warm white globes. 

Consider adding it to your desk or even a shelf to add a focal point to your living space. 

2. Table Lamps for bedroom

Bedroom lamps are great for your nightstands whereas, much needed for mood lighting. Add layers of light to your cozy room using our picks below. 

2.1 Table Lamp Freedom Picks


Feautured : Cosh table lamp starting from $29.50


Featured : Dome lamp from freedom starting at $249.95

If you are looking for the trendy and timeless dome lamp, freedom has the best of all worlds. The Cosh lamp is a tiny mushroom lamp, whereas the Dome Lamp is a taller mushroom lamp. 

2.2 Table Lamp Kmart Pick

Consider adding a large filament bulb like G95 or tear dropped shape to invite elegance.

This lamp has been around for quite some time and brings the trend at a fraction of the cost of $20. With a sturdy marble base and sleek stem, this lamp can be used as a table lamp for bedside or even for study.

3. Table Lamp Ceramic Base

 Ceramic lamps are so in and are very timeless. If you are a lover of hamptons or retro, a ceramic lamp is perfect for you.

Our pick for a modern contemporary lamp features a pleated lamp shade and beautiful brown base.

4. Table Lamp Coastal Pick

 Featured: Table lamp from temple and Webster Reef Rope Lamp A$149

Consider adding a lamp with natural elements like wood or rattan to add that coastal effect and pair it with blue interiors.

For those coastal or Boho or Hampton believers, we think this lamp from Temple and Webster will be a fun addition. Or else, there are plenty of designs to choose from and stocked by retailers for all tastes.

5. Table Lamp Black Edition

Featured: Beacon Lamp Orson 1 Light Lamp A$215.20

Featured: CocoRepublic Lamp A$855.00

Black Lamps can be pieces of artwork in themselves. Don't shy away from using bold designs as shown above.

Contemporary elements can be incorporated in any design style.

Black based lamps make great statement lamps for hallways and consoles. So consider bringing luxury and contrast with black based lamps.

6. Table Lamps Designer Picks

If you want to add unique and designer touches, look no further at this curated list from high end retailers known for their unique designs. 


7. Cordless Table Lamps

Trending in 2022, are cordless Table lamps powered by batteries or LEDs. Thanks to long lasting batteries, cordless lamps are possible. Our pick is below. 

Final Thoughts

If you haven't added a table lamp yet, this guide should help you narrowing down a pick. If you are looking for incorporating table lamps in your home office or even coffee table, use some of our bedroom picks to help you. Or, just add a cordless lamp to your Scandi or Japandi design homewares for some mood ambient lighting. 

Tell us in the comments which one is your favourite. 

Have a question or need some design advice, contact us using the chat buttons or just heading to our site. 

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